Friday, June 08, 2012

Into the Archive: Pencil Artwork

It's been a busy week. My intention was to spend more evening time playing around in Cinema 4D, but that didn't happen.

Since I have yet to determine if blogging about my projects at work is OK, I instead figured I'd delve deep into my past and share some of the early drawings that got me started.

Back in 1995, when I was in grade 10, school wasn't very interesting (really, when was it ever). As such, I spent a lot of my time doodling while the teachers yammered on. The covers of my binders became red and purple plastic canvases where I drew whatever came to mind. Demons were common, as were various space-related scenes.

Dragon (Pencil on paper, 1995)
This dragon was one of the first (and few) doodles that I did on non-lined paper. It just started with the a rough dragon's head, and expanded from there until it became a decent pencil-shaded drawing. Though I got caught working on it at least twice in science class, I luckily never had it taken away.

Ptul High Queen's Lair (Pen over pencil on paper, 1996)
This was another pencil drawing from that same year, though unlike the dragon, I had a plan in mind from the beginning. This is a scene from a sci-fi story I have had mulling around in my head for the better part of the past two decades. It's a raid by human marines on a hive of alien creatures.

In all my artwork people tend to be small and somewhat insignificant, mostly because my ability to draw detailed humans is pretty poor. I can do the basic mannequin of ovals that my dad taught me, but beyond that... not so good.

I have lots of technical drawings I made throughout my childhood, mostly related to the aforementioned sci-fi story, but that's about it as far as any pencil drawings I kept. I was always more of a draftsman than an artist (probably influenced by my dad's job and teachings as a Landscape Architect). Even my ability to sketch could use some work, as I try to be too exact rather than let the graphite flow.

Next time, I'll show off some of the projects I worked on when I was playing around with Cinema 4D back in 1999 and onward.

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