Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Step Away from the Archviz

Apartment Bedroom Window (Cinema 4D R13, 2012)
Life's getting crazy... in a good way, as my wife and have officially started the process of searching for our first home. We're really excited, but it's meant I've had little time for modelling in the past couple of weeks.

I know: excuses, excuses

Well, I have had an opportunity to do a bit more work on my model of our current bedroom apartment, and more specifically the windows.

I discovered that the tape measure I had been using didn't have centimetre increments, but they were instead half-inch measurements (thought they were numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). So I had to tweak my room model somewhat to adjust for proper scale.

I also broke all the walls apart as separate planes, to allow me to toggle each wall's visibility to make getting around the room with the camera more easily.

Late one evening I threw some place-holder baseboards into the scene using an elongated cube primitive, converted to polys and then manipulated to a basic form.

The problem with my apartment is that everything is coated in so many layers of paint that it's really hard to get a good handle on the profile of things like trim and such.

The window then became the focus. The entire window and frame were created using a series of extruded splines. Where required, I converted the extrusions to polys and then mitred the ends using the Knife tool locked to a 45-degree angle by holding the SHIFT key. This allowed me to create right-angle corners easily while maintaining the profiles, and mimicked the real window frame that was assembled the same way.

And this is where I decided that I going to put this particular project aside for the next while.

What I've determined is that architectural visualization (archviz) is too comfortable of a fit for me. I've always been stronger at technical drawing than more free-form design. With this particular project, it's mostly working with extrusions, with some polygon modelling for accuracy. These are good skills to build, but they make for a project that's less all-encompassing than I'm looking for.

What I need right now is to spread my creative wings, and start doing some things to keep my interest up while learning new techniques rather than falling on the same ones constantly.

I've got a few ideas on projects I'd like to work on, in addition to some random play. But that's for next time.

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